How to Install the Skimmer Conversion Kit In An Arctic Spa Hot Tub

This is Christian Staples with Arctic Spas. We’ve come up with these instructional videos to review what we went over with you as far as taking care of your hot tub and the operation of your hot tub when it was delivered. So if you have any questions, you can use these videos to go back and reference once again and review.

So today we’re gonna go over the conversion kit for active skim filtration. So if you have a tub that’s from 2002 through 2008, you’ll be able to upgrade to our new style active skim filtration. So this is what your current skimmer looks like. It might be black instead of black and gray. What you want to do is turn this counterclockwise, remove your skimmer, pull out your basket and your filter. So the conversion kit consists of three different items. So you have your lock ring. You have the center core, and then the skimmer itself.

So the first thing that you want to do is take your lock ring, put it onto the filter housing, and then turn it clockwise to lock it into place. The second thing, you’ll take the core, slide your filter onto the core, and then put that right down inside the filter housing, and then it just slides into place in the middle. The third thing is you take the skimmer, and it just simply drops straight down into place.

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