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Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a Hot Tub

You have questions, and we have answers. Buying a hot tub doesn’t qualify as just “any old purchase.” You’re literally investing in your home, your family, yourself. That’s why we created this frequently asked questions (FAQ) page.

If you can’t find the answer to your question, please contact us and we’ll be happy to address your query.

Q: I don’t have a lot of outdoor space at my home. Will my hot tub or swim spa “fit” in my space?
A: Regardless of your space requirements, Arctic Spas has a hot tub to fit your needs. From small 1-2 person hot tubs to expansive 8-person portable spas, we offer something for everyone. Our hot tubs and spas are perfect for filling in unused space.

And because our products are built to withstand everything Mother Nature can serve up, you’ll enjoy place-anywhere, worry-free hot tub use all year round!

Bottom line: if your backyard, vacation home or anywhere else needs upgraded, Arctic Spas can make it happen!

Q: Where I live, winters are usually severe. How will my hot tub be protected from the elements?
A: Every Arctic Spas hot tub and spa is engineered and designed to perform year round. But one area that separates our brand from the rest is with all-weather, ultra-durable covers – specifically, our Mylovac hot tub cover.

This cover represents the gold standard of rugged, weather-proof protection for your hot tub. Heavy snow, buckets of rain, extreme temperatures, even walking on top – the Mylovac cover literally has your Arctic Spas hot tub or spa covered, regardless of what’s outside. Unlike other one-size-fits-all covers, our Mylovac cover is designed to fit Arctic Spas hot tubs and spas like a glove.

The world’s toughest brand of hot tubs deserves the world’s strongest, most outdoor-ready cover. And best of all, you can get everything right here at Arctic Spas!

Q: Will I have to spend endless hours in “maintenance mode?”

A: Arctic Spas is proud to sell the world’s most durable hot tub, and we’re also known for unmatched reliability, too. Smart design features like our FreeHeat insulation system enables other components like pumps and motors to work smarter, not harder, thus ensuring lasting value.

Plus, with optional add-on features like our Spa Boy® remote maintenance and monitoring system, many functions are literally at your fingertips.

One reason why Arctic Spas are so popular is because owners love the minimal amount of maintenance required.

Q: What about pre-owned hot tubs? Does Arctic Spas sell only new manufactured hot tubs and spas?
A: Our pre-owned and used hot tubs offer the dual benefit of drastically reduced prices with outstanding quality. We have plenty of top-quality used hot tubs on sale, some for less than $1,000.

When you purchase a pre-owned hot tub from Arctic Spas, you’re assured of the best possible quality, legendary weather-ready performance and the support of our attentive, responsive customer service.

Q: Do Arctic Spas hot tubs offer any health benefits?
A: Based on mounting scientific data, it appears so. Regular use of hot tubs, swim spas and portable spas – all of which are included in the Arctic Spas inventory – show promising benefits for a variety of illnesses, injuries and ailments, including:

Back pain
Blood pressure
Muscle pain
And more

You should always consult with your physician before engaging in any form of hydrotherapy, including hot tub use. But from our vantage point, consistent hot tub use appears to be an ideal complement for anyone looking to improve their health.

Q: What is Spa Boy®?
A: The most advanced automated water care system you’ll find anywhere. With full smartphone functionality, Spa Boy® allows Arctic Spas owners to enjoy 24/7 monitoring of their tub’s internal water conditions.

Smart built-in alerts instantly communicate Ph levels, temperature settings, water jet malfunctions and more.

For more information, check out our comprehensive Spa Boy® content, with an informative video and more.

Q: I need to accessorize my hot tub. Can Arctic Spas help?
A: Our accessories allow you to customize and personalize your Arctic Spas hot tub or swim spa as you see fit. Best of all, our add-ons are designed with the same attention to detail and all-weather durability that our regular hot tubs are known for!
Q: Can I purchase chemicals and filters for my hot tub at Arctic Spas?
A: You sure can! We supply some of the top brands and most popular sanitizing chemicals for your hot tub or portable spa. Plus, our innovative filtering systems (including our popular depth filters) eliminate the need to constantly add chemicals to your hot tub.

Our customer-first philosophy includes a hard-to-beat convenience factor; Arctic Spas aims to provide a “one-stop shop” experience so there’s less running around for chemicals and filters, and more time to enjoy in your hot tub!

Q: Are Arctic Spas hot tubs really the toughest brand around?
A: Yes. We’re confident that no other brand offers the weather-resistant characteristics, lasting value and minimal maintenance requirements that Arctic Spa provides.
Q: Arctic Spas are the best hot tub for cold weather? Prove it.
A: Well, that’s not really a question, but we’ll address it anyway. Arctic Kingdom, a travel and adventure exploration company based up in Nunavut Territory, northern Canada, uses one of our hot tubs in the region’s sub-zero climate.

Our Arctic Kingdom hot tub routinely withstands sub-zero temperatures, frigid Arctic winds and all kinds of precipitation – and still makes a welcome, inviting retreat for all their guests!
Before you purchase another hot tub, consider the unbeatable durability and performance of Arctic Spas – we’re the #1 option for outdoor hot tubs in the world’s toughest climate!

Q: So how much will it cost for an Arctic Spas hot tub or swim spa?
A: It depends on a host of factors (size, optional features, etc.), but for a customized assessment of your pricing needs, please visit our pricing page.
Q: What about a saltwater tub option? Does Arctic Spas offer this feature, and what are the advantages?
A: Yes, with our proprietary hot tub system called Onzen. Arctic Spas has developed a revolutionary process that produces naturally-occurring sanitizing compounds from Dead Sea salts. With the help of a process called electrolysis, our Onzen system automatically generates internal sanitization.

While most hot tubs are sanitized by adding extra compounds and chemicals, our Onzen system is a self-sanitizing system, resulting in water that has superior sanitization characteristics, compared to typical hot tubs and spas.

Salt water hot tubs are less corrosive, with water quality that’s much milder and less corrosive. For more information about our Onzen water system, please click here.

Q: Does Arctic Spas have any special offers or promotions?
A: You bet. Just visit our Special Offers for seasonal incentives, new product introductory pricing and much more.

We’re always updating our offers and specials, so check back often! To give you just one example, our SPECIAL OFFER events give you the chance to purchase select Arctic Spas hot tubs and spas at exclusive, affordable prices.

Common FAQs about Hot Tubs

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