Hot Tub Covers

The cover one of the most important components of a hot tub. They prevent heat loss and keep the hot tub secure. Hot tub covers come in hundreds of different shapes, sizes, and colours. The quality of hot tub and spa covers available also varies significantly. First, look for a cover with a good warranty. Second, look for insulation qualities that suit your local climate. Third, choose a hot tub cover that is strong enough to withstand snow loads (if you get snow), or the weight of kids that might adventure onto the spa. And don’t forget to get one that is certified to local standards or your municipal inspector may reject it. Spa covers are essential for economy and safety. Choosing the best hot tub cover your budget allows is strongly recommended.

Stop wasting money! You do not need to buy a new hot tub cover every few years. Not all hot tub covers are made the same way, just as all hot tubs are not made the same way. The Myovac cover by Arctic Spas is the longest lasting hot tub cover you can buy. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Thicker: 5 inches tapered to 4
  • Stronger: steel reinforced spine with C-channel brace
  • Dryer: core is sealed in Mylar foil instead of regular plastic (think chip bag)
  • Safer: ASTM certified with 4 steel locks and unique key.

Arctic hot tub covers may not be the cheapest but given that they last years longer than a typical cover, the cost is less in the long term.

Hot Tub Cover By Arctic Spas

We also have custom made replacement spa covers for any brand.

Don’t have an Arctic Spa brand hot tub? Is your cover heavy and water logged? No problem, we make hot tub covers in any shape, size, or colour. Contact us for a free quote.

Thinking About Making Your Own Hot Tub Cover? Think Again.

“Dear diary, yesterday I tried to make my own spa cover. Today, I came to my senses and bought one. I found a great deal at my local Arctic Spas dealer.”


In reality, unless you would be happy with a sheet of plywood, making your own spa cover is not worth the effort. For adequate insulation and strength a spa cover needs an intact core of dense foam, surrounded by a sealed water proof material, and then enclosed in a weather resistant material such as marine grade vinyl. Making your own hot tub cover is almost as crazy as building your own hot tub.

We offer all types and sizes of hot tub cover, from the very best you can buy to low cost short term varieties.