1.17 Arctic Spas Spa Boy Version 1 R1 Maintenance Schedule

The following table outlines the typical water maintenance program required for an Arctic Spa fitted with Spa Boy Version 1 R1.

To help ensure chemicals dissolve appropriately it is good practice to first mix/dissolve the chemical in an uncontaminated container of hot water before carefully adding to the spa water. There are two methods to check the target range:

• My Arctic Spa Application, if your spa has Wi-Fi and access to the internet through your home network or portable device such as iPad or smart phone, you can log onto My Arctic Spa and open the Settings or Diagnostics Page to review the readings).
(To access My Arctic Spa you must first register your details on the My Arctic Spa web site: www.myarcticspa.com.
• Conventional test strips, test kit or by taking a water sample to your local spa dealer

Item Frequency Maintenance Task Target Range


Check the Potential Hydrogen (pH) to ensure it is in the target range.
Always first check to ensure the pH is within the target range. If the pH is out of the target range pH must be adjusted before making any adjustments to chlorine levels
7.2 – 7.6 pH

Weekly (& before each use)

Check the Free Chlorine Level to ensure it is in the target range.
545–550 mV

Sodium Chloride

Check the Sodium Chloride Level to ensure it is in the target range.
Version 1 R1 1500 –1800 ppm

3 Monthly

Change the filter(s)

6 Monthly

Change the water

Maintenance Action to Adjust/Correct

As Salt systems naturally drive pH levels upwards, it is most critical to the performance/life of the salt system to maintain the pH within the target range.

High pH reduces the effectiveness of chlorine.
• pH level of 7.2 makes chlorine 62% effective (38% loss of effectiveness).
• pH level of 7.5 makes chlorine 50% effective (50% loss of effectiveness).
• pH level of 8 makes chlorine 21% effective (79% loss of effectiveness).

Therefore, high pH causes your Spa Boy system to produce more chlorine thus increasing pH even higher and reducing the effectiveness of chlorine even further.

Strive to achieve a Low pH level 7.2. pH must not exceed 7.6.

Low pH – Can be raised by adding Arctic Pure, Adjust Up to the spa water.
High pH – Can be lowered by adding Arctic Pure, Adjust Down to spa water.

545-550 mV is the Optimum Range factory default setting.

The user may adjust higher if preferred through the My Arctic Spa Web Page. Spa Boy will strive to maintain ORP within the Optimum Range.

Depending on the water chemistry which will be affected by bather load and spa usage, at times the ORP value will overshoot or undershoot the Optimum Range.

Once Sodium Chloride reading is in the target range salt concentration will only change if water is splashed or drained out. Do not add salt unless this test confirms the level is below the chemical acceptable range.

High Sodium Chloride – add water.
Low Sodium Chloride – add salt.

Change the filter(s) in accordance with Owners Manual instructions.

Change the water in accordance with Owners Manual instructions.