Common Spa Water Problems, Cause & Remedy

  • A. Poor Filtration
  • B. Suspended particles
  • C. Organic contaminants build up
  • D. pH high
  • E. Total alkalinity high
  • F. Combined chlorine in the water
  • G. High dissolved solids
  • H. Hardness too high
  • A. Dissolved metals from water source
  • B. Low chlorine/bromine levels
  • C. Fragrance
  • A. High concentration of oils and organics being agitated by the jets and/or Therapy Air
  • A. High Calcium level, high pH, high alkalinity
  • A. High level of organic contaminants, combined with chlorine
  • A. pH too low
  • B. Combined chlorine due to high concentration of organic contaminants
  • C. Allergic reaction to sanitizer
  • D. Bacterial contamination
  • A. High concentration of contaminants using up sanitizers
  • B. Test kit reagents ineffective


  • A. Dirty filter, clean with Arctic Pure® Filter Restore (not with disposable filter). Increase Filter cycle.
  • B. Add Arctic Pure® Easy Clear
  • C. Shock treatment with Arctic Pure® Refresh
  • D. Add Arctic Pure® Adjust Down until level reads 7.2-7.6
  • E. Add Arctic Pure® Adjust Down to adjust TA level to 100-130 ppm
  • F. Shock treatment until combined chlorine is eliminated (see container instructions)
  • G. Empty spa and refill
  • H. Add Arctic Pure® Best Defence until level reads 100-280 ppm
  • A. Use Arctic Pure® Best Defence and have your dealer check your water balance
  • B. Add Arctic Pure® Boost treatment to raise chlorine levels and test chlorine levels or for Bromine system add Peak Boost & test Bromine levels
  • C. Stop the use of fragrance
  • A. Squirt Foam DissolveTM on foam. Refer to pg 20 for more information. (not with disposable filter).
  • A. Drain partially, add Arctic Pure® Best Defence, correct pH level to 7.2 – 7.6 and alkalinity to 100-130 ppm.
  • A. Check pH and adjust as required.
  • B. Shock with Arctic Pure® Refresh, add Boost or Peak Boost dependent on whether you have a chlorine or bromine system
  • C. Dilution of water will reduce contaminants and odor.
  • D. Check any ozone system is operational
  • A. Add Arctic Pure® Adjust Up until level reads 7.2 – 7.6 ppm
  • B. Add Arctic Pure® Refresh, add Boost or Peak Boost.
  • C. Change from Bromine to Chlorine or vice versa.
  • D. Drain and refill spa.
  • A. Add sanitizers until levels are up to the recommended levels
  • B. Replace test kits at least once a year
  • C. Chlorine/Bromine level very high and is bleaching test reagent, Allow sanitizer levels to recede by opening cover and running jets.

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