Hot Tub Umbrellas for Ultimate Relaxation

by Feb 5, 2012

arctic spas hot tub and patio umbrella

When mom wants to relax, she wants it to be right — as in, comfortable with all of the details covered. There is nothing more relaxing and invigorating than unwinding in a generously sized hot tub set outside among nature. You can feel the light wind moving among the trees, while your body basks in the comforts of the pre-set hot tub temperature and pulsating jets that relax every muscle in your body.

Is there any reason to get out?

Is it necessary to change positions?

Is there any reason to move from your spot that is now “just right”?

Well, normally you wouldn’t need to move, but that penetrating sun glaring down on you is uncomfortably hot. Changing places two to three times during your hour (or more) of relaxation for mom can certainly cramp one’s style. But, a little accessory like a hot tub umbrella does wonders to make your spa time much more comfortable and pleasant!

umbrella above a hot tub

Protect Yourself From the Elements


Hot tubs, swim spas, home and garden spas — whichever name you choose to call your personal mode of relaxation seclusion — they are all places where you want to be comfortable. However, if it’s interrupted by bursts of rain or the hot sun beaming down on your arms and face, your spa quality time can go south pretty quickly.

Umbrellas are a great way to enjoy your hot tub during the hot outside conditions, or maybe just when you want a little shade over your tub. Umbrellas also do a good job of shielding your tub and protecting it from falling outdoor debris.

Protecting your body is very important during your hot tub time. Sunburn, mild dehydration and dry skin issues can be offset with the right tools while luxuriating in your spa. Be sure to drink plenty of water and use topical skin ointments for protection, since the sun and the wind can be very drying. Your umbrella will further protect you from all of these conditions.

Make Your Umbrella Last and Multi-task

If you want to get the maximum protection in using a spa umbrella, be sure to get one that covers the entire width of your hot tub. Oftentimes, retailers offer coordinating umbrellas and hot tub covers, with a variety of options so you can match them to your outdoor décor. If you make it a habit to put your umbrella up each time you get in your spa, you’ll easily lengthen your spa time, and may even extend the life of your hot tub.

Taking good care of your “de-stressing” tool is very important, both for your busy mom lifestyle and the unit. By maintaining it properly with the right accessories and covers (like umbrellas), you’re guaranteeing that long life for your tub, not to mention many future opportunities for full relaxation for mom.

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